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QPSP Certifications

Certified Quality Improvement Manager
The Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan (QPSP), is Pleased to launch a professional examination for quality professionals with sound foundation of TQM Body of Knowledge. The Certified Quality Improvement Manager (CQIM) is a certification exam which will be a symbol of credential, pride and peer recognition for any Quality Manager, Auditor or Consultant. Being the member of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ), Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) and Middle East Quality Association (MEQA), QPSP`s credibility is highly recognized throughout the world.

Body of Knowledge
a. leadership for Quality (organizational structure, culture, and team processes)
b. Strategic plan development and deployment
c. Quality management systems( ISO 9000, ISO 17025, TL 16949, TL 9000 etc)
d. Business Excellence models and National Quality Awards
e. Quality Management tools ( seven basic quality tools, seven management planning tool, process improvement tools, cost of quality, Benchmarking etc.)
f. Measurement and Metrics
g. Customer focused organizations (customer identification and segmentation and customer Relationship Management)
h. Supply chain Management

The exams are prepared and conducted in line with the top of class International certifications. Exams are held twice a year (January and July) at designated exam centers in the following cities; Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar.

Other QPSP certification (in-process)
1. Certified Process Improvement Officer
2. Certified Internal Quality Auditor
3. Certified Calibration Officer

For details contact: Muhammad Nadeem Nasir