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QPSP Values

1. God Fearing
a. Be responsible and accountable to the Creator.

. 2. Member / Customer Focused
a. Meet or exceed their needs and expectations.
b. Provide maximum value and growth potential to QPSP members.

3. Responsive
a. Meet all scheduled commitments.
b. Do what the members need and try to meet it.
c. Be decisive and take prompt actions.
d. Be sensitive to changing requirements and circumstances.

4. Ethical
a. Perform every activity in consonant with the QPSP code of ethics.
b. Make all communications in an open and honest manner.

5. Mutual Respect
a. Strive for mutual respect between members, staff, customers, partners and collaborators.

6. Flexible
a. Do what is practicable and workable.
b. Be adaptive.

7. Technical Leadership
a. Ensure that the society remains at the forefront in Quality and Productivity.
b. Be the technical resource for quality and productivity professionals.
c. Encourage aggressive learning.

8. Financially Responsible
a. Acquire and provide resources needed to accomplish the society's goals.
b. Ensure the financial health of the society.
c. Seek/explore opportunities to increase the financial strength of the society.

9. Inclusive
a. Value diversity (gender, culture, technical, industry and job function).
b. Serve the full range and types of organizations (government, private, NGOs etc.).

10. Collaborative
a. Use collaboration and partnership as a source for the staff and volunteers to work together, and for the QPSP to work with other organizations.
b. Recognize the contributions of individuals, while making collective quality decisions and end results.