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Quality Tools Courtesy: ASQ (American Society for Quality)

Cause Analysis Tools
Tips and tools for the first step to improvement: identifying the cause of a problem or situation.

Evaluation and Decision-Making Tools
Making informed decisions and choosing the best options with a simple, objective rating system, and determining the success of a project.

Process Analysis Tools
How to identify and eliminate unnecessary process steps to increase efficiency, reduce timelines and cut costs.

Seven Basic Quality Tools
These seven tools get to the heart of implementing quality principles.

Data Collection and Analysis Tools
How can you collect the data you need, and what should you do with them once they’re collected?

Idea Creation Tools
Ways to stimulate group creativity and organize the ideas that come from it.

Project Planning and Implementing Tools
How to track a project’s status and look for improvement opportunities.

Seven New Management and Planning Tools
Ways to promote innovation, communicate information and successfully plan major projects.