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QPSP Membership

Welcome to QPSP. The formation of QPSP is a historic moment for Pakistan. The Society has been formed by credible professionals representing all the key stakeholders, sectors and regions of Pakistan. It is represented, owned and run by all those who are elected from . Its membership is open to professionals, organizations and students aspiring to be a part of Pakistan’s vision of Quality, Productivity and competitiveness.

As its members, you will become part of a team of responsible citizens dedicated and determined to uplift the quality and productivity at all levels in Pakistan. Together we can and will, Insha Allah, succeed in making Pakistan as one of the most productive and quality oriented countries in the world.

Membership in the following those categories is open to all those individuals and Corporations who support the vision of the Society.

  • Individual Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Student Member

Student Individual
Rs: 1200 Rs: 1800
Rs: 15000
Gold Silver Bronze
Rs. 60,000 Rs. 40,000 Rs. 20,000
  • LIfe Member
  • Student Member

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