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Quest for Excellence

Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan’s biannual magazine was launched in January 2005 with a view to apprise and update our esteemed members with the latest tools, techniques and the best practices that are prevalent around the globe. From the very outset the magazine having its unique front title page, facade, design, paper & print and above all its contents received a huge appreciation from the quality professionals, academicians and all those involved in promotion of quality thus making it one of the world class magazines. It was a great pride and privilege for this very young organization i.e. Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan (QPSP) that other relatively older quality societies in the region benchmarked this magazine as being the best.

So far four issues of “Quest for Excellence” have been published, each issue having a specific theme. Therefore maximum article are relevant to the specific theme.

Authors of the articles are no less than highly experienced quality professionals and academicians and their articles are very carefully scrutinized by the magazine review committee all constituting an effort towards making Quality a second nature

Magazine has a large circulation within the country and abroad and the advertisements of various national and multinational organizations in its pages bring them enormous economic benefits by introducing their products to variety of individuals and organizations.

With the unflinching support of our members and patrons, QPSP team is determined to continue in its endeavors towards not only maintaining but bringing about an improvement to make this magazine a “must” for all professionals. industrialists, academicians, students of quality management system and all those striving for quality