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Code of Ethics

1. The society has no financial or political motives involved in its working and in dealing with any particular person , group or organization.
2. The society will serve the interest of Pakistan and will not engage in any activity against the country, its people, their believes and social values.
3. The executive body and chapters will work on voluntary basis and will not be paid any remuneration from society`s funds.
4. The society will provide an equal opportunity to its members regardless of gender, race or believes.
5. All work of the society will be environmental friendly


1. To create, promote and stimulate interest in the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and good practices in continual Quality and Productivity improvement.
2. To promote unity, effectiveness of effort and ethical professional conduct among those who are devoting themselves to the vision practice and improvement of Quality and Productivity, and the allied arts and sciences.
3. To provide oppertunity, through necessary and convenient facilities for the holding of conferences, conventions, and other meetings of its members for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences in the development, application, and improvement of Quality and Productivity principles and the allied arts and sciences.
4. To publish and distribute books, pamphlets, periodicals, literature, and other printed matter devoted to the practices and improvement of Quality and Productivity, and the allied arts and sciences.
5. To make available to journals, newspapers, and other channels of public information, reliable communications and other information concerning Quality and Productivity and the allied arts and sciences.
6. To undertake/sponsor research programs designed to improve and enhance the performance of Quality and Productivity.
7. To improve, enrich and uplift the quality of work and life to provide opportunities for self-development.
8. To facilitate, recognize and encourage those who have contributed significantly to the achievement of the objectives of the society.
9. To establish lawful and healthy competition in the society's activities; and to offer recognition, and awards to further the interests of the society, directly or indirectly.
10. To institute and award Fellowships, Scholarships, and National Quality Awards for the promotion of Quality and Productivity and the allied arts and sciences.
11. To conduct, manage, guide and assist other associations/bodies having objectives similar to the objectives of the society.
12. To form chapters of the society in different regions or cities.
13. To associate with other national and international bodies engaged in a similar pursuit in furthering the interest of Quality and Production.
14. Register and Certify Quality and Productivity professionals and bodies through recognized and valued qualification criteria.
15. To perform all other activities that are conducive to achieve the above main objectives.