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QPSP Chapters

If you are group of minimum 12 members (Corporate or Indivisual) for a particular sector e.g. Education, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Defense, Software, Automobile, etc and are desirous of developing and work for its improvement, you are advised to form a chapter in that particular field. These chapters will be officially registered with QPSP and will get the secretarial support and recognition. The members will themselves select a Team Lead of the chapters and will be required to meet at least once a month. They may work on any of the following agenda:

1. Organize training events/conferences for the chapter members and all other interested individuals.
2. Develop linkages among peers and members and develop opportunities for their development.
3. Work on standards required in their industry.

Your initiative can make the difference. Act now, become QPSP Member and send your request and area of interest. We will coordinate among similar interest groups in forming chapters.