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Basic of Quality Courtesy: ASQ (American Society for Quality)

A Short History of Quality
An overview of how the concepts and processes of quality have evolved from the craft guilds of medieval Europe to the workplaces of today.

Continuous Improvement
How to take your products, services and processes to the next level through an ongoing cycle of activities that capitalize on improvement opportunities.

Cost of Quality
Quality doesn’t cost money. It’s poor-quality products and services that pile up extra costs for your organization. Here’s how to get started eliminating these expensive shortcomings.

Customer Satisfaction
Tips and resources for helping you identify your customers and what it will take to satisfy them.

A handy guide to the unique terminology of quality.

Problem Solving
Using four basic steps to implement solutions by accurately defining problems and identifying alternatives.

Process View of Work
Analyze how work gets done so that you can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control
What’s the difference? In the world of quality, these terms have very different meanings.

Supplier Quality
The quality of what goes into a product or service determines the quality of what comes out. Here’s how to keep costs low and quality high.

Variation represents the difference between an ideal and an actual situation.