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Main Activities

The scope of activities of QPSP includes the following:

1. Development of Members: to raise collective expertise and create synergy of the quality and productivity professionals through sector specific chapters, conferences, publications and other activities.
2. Promotion of Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness: In every spheres of life, including the government, private and social sectors, education, healthcare, defence etc by using all available means.
3. Development, Management and Promotion of Quality Awards: for organizational excellence.
4. Promote Standards: To assist the Standard Bodies and industries in development and implementation of national standards.
5. Accreditation: Through Supporting the national bodies, professional societies, and other relevant associations for accreditation in their respective areas.
6. Professional`s Certification providing reliable certification examinations for professionals in the field of Quality and Productivity.
7. Magazines to disseminate up-to-date knowledge and analysis on Quality and Productivity through publishing a regulaer magazine / e magazine..
8. Publications books, booklets and educational/promotional material on Quality and Productivity.
9. Quality and Productivity Promotional Events/ Conferences provide the leading edge knowledge and share the best practices.
10. Legislation To guide the legislators on Quality and Productivity Improvement in the country.
11. Partnerships and Collaborations to strengthen local, regional and international cooperation with those working in the similar fields.